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Top travel locations to visit in Europe – Expats guide


Expats stories to choose the best travel places in Europe. As the days get longer, the light and the sun shine, the thirst for escaping from the familiar environment, from the comfortable home that offers safety during the winter. We are in awe of the great and wide world. Suddenly we are ready to ignore obstacles and discomfort. We are even willing to consider dangers. There are big and small trips. Travelers who take us to the end of the world or to our inner forum. They can all become a great adventure. No matter what we choose, the journey will leave traces. It will transform us. It will rejuvenate us. It will beautify our lives. If we allow that. If we come out to meet the world and its people with curiosity.

Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens: For anyone who loves amusement parks, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark is a bucket list adventure. The amusement park is one of the world’s oldest, dating back to 1843. Open-air concert venues and gardens are matched by amusement rides and carnival games, which are must visit attractions for visitors of all ages. Dublin – Trinity College Library: Library lovers and book enthusiasts flock to the Trinity College Library for a glimpse of the Book of Kells, along with other rare manuscripts and three medieval Gaelic harps—the national symbol of Ireland. In addition to the Long Room, the Old Library is one of the biggest attractions in the country.

Palace of Versailles – Versailles, France: This royal chateau is located in Versailles in the Ile-de-France region and the palace is sometimes referred to simply as ‘Versailles’. Versailles was just a small village community when the palace was built in the 11th-century, unlike the thriving, affluent town it has become. From 1682, it was the seat of political power for the Kingdom of France. Louis Le Vaue was the architect responsible for the expansion of the palace from 1661 under the orders of Louis XIV. This building has been part of many significant historical events throughout French history. The palace is now only used as a museum and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in France.

Expats in Europe advice of the day : Even if you’re leaving for a two-year commitment abroad, you don’t need two years’ worth of stuff. Stores do exist outside of the US. Also, living in a non-Western country might change your feelings about material goods, and help you reprioritize what’s important in life. Then again, it may also make you long for every pair of Jordans you’ve ever owned. Read extra details on We Be Trippin Europe.

Do Your Research: Moving to a new country is full of change. Everything from food, healthcare, climate, laws, and customs will vary. Research what to expect on a daily basis in the new culture, along with ways you need to prepare before you go, like necessary immunizations. Stay Open-Minded : Part of living in a new country is experiencing new things, it will be almost impossible to stick to the same routine that you had in your home country. Welcoming this change can help you adjust when new things come your way.

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